Saturday, July 25, 2015

Musings of a Bowen Practitioner Part 4

So we come to the end of another week, as always filled with rich and fascinating stories. Here are some excerpts.

My migraine lady (from last week), remains 'migraine-free' despite a week of a lot of stresses which in the past would have triggered migraines. Her Pilates teacher had noticed that she has a lot more spinal mobility in exercises such as the 'cat-stretch.' ....

A client for whom I was doing lower-limb work has improved changes to his breathing from the first two Bowen moves technically known as 'stoppers' - (to contain energy, and take the body out of crisis). Perhaps they should be re-named 'starters.'. The same client also said that his throat unblocked.

Another client who has very significant leg-length problems noticed that her legs were stretching and lengthening following pelvic work.

A frozen-shoulder client had an improved range of movement from her first session and was already doing really well.

A client who had hardly managed more than 10 minutes walking was now doing 3km with no problems.

I love my job, and thank Tom Bowen daily for this amazing work.

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