Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clinical Musings - Part 2

I received an email from a new client, who is a marathon runner. Having mainly having massage as a treatment in the past, I could tell he was most surprised about the effects of Bowen.

"No strong side/negative effects from yesterday's session. On the contrary my neck and upper back feel free of tensions. My movement range seems to be much improved as well. This is leaving a little perplexed as to the mechanism in play. Thank you! "

This then resulted in a bit of a scientific discussion - and where to find out more about Bowen.

What else happened.... potential client with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - Hypermobility-Type (EDS-HT) benefited enormously from one of my special 'double-consultations.' - learned a lot about the condition, and where she now needs to go for further information and diagnosis. She also found Bowen 'relaxing'

Another client (female) has been to a huge range of therapists, seen GPs - but rather typically, no one has looked at her holistically enough to suspect EDS-HT, though she knows she is hypermobile. Hopefully I can direct her for the help she badly needs - meanwhile some Bowen for her neck pain. 

Just another day in clinic....

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