Monday, February 8, 2016

Musings of a Bowen Therapist Part 5

I have just looked at the date of my last blog posting and was extremely shocked to find that I haven't blogged anything for over six months. What is scary is how quickly that time has passed, but also just how busy I have been in clinic since that then.

I thought that I would reflect upon a just a very few client's responses immediately after treatment. These were all new clients:

Highly complex client, with numerous ailments, and a long medical history. He says, "After the session I could breath properly, and I felt instant relief from the first moves. I relaxed."

Another client with a long and complicated history says, "I felt like my heart was beating in my back and then the whole body. It went on for most of the time, and was a nice sensation. I felt quite relaxed and I felt my jaw release after the neck moves."

Finally, one said to me, "I felt very relaxed and couldn't open my eyes at one point." This comment came from a client who would have extreme difficulties in relaxing owing to autonomic disturbance.

I love my job, and the stories unfold daily. Bowen is remarkable stuff!