Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clinical Musings - 1st July 2015

It is a cliche to say that every Bowen clinic is 'wonderful' -because they really are, fascinating, and always such a pleasure to watch the story unfold for each client. I had a particularly busy day on what also happens to be the hottest day of the year so far.

My last client arrived, she is one I known for a long time, and primarily came for Bowen for her back pain. Today, however, my client required pelvic work to help with gait problems and left ankle pain. I knew that doing Bowen pelvic work would be important for this client's back pain (although that was fine today), that doing the knee procedure made sense for a lower-limb problem, and also to do the ankle procedure.

Having done the 'preparatory' but compulsory Bowen work, I performed the pelvic procedure, knee and ankle procedures. I left my client for a good few minutes to consolidate the treatment (usual practice).

When I returned to 'get my client up' she said that on my doing the moves on the back of her knee (lymphatic drainage points, as well as the pelvic procedure), that she felt active sinus drainage, and that her face felt 'light.' She had not reported a sinus problem on arrival.

For me this was another fascinating glimpse into how, just possibly, Bowen might work - the body making the priority, but how every part of the body links inextricably to another.

Later on my client text me to say, "it felt like (you) had massaged the back of my neck right in the base of the skull. And I feel very optimistic. Thank you!"

What a wonderful way to end my day.

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